Bumps and Jumps RC Speedway



     We all want to have fun – and the best way to do that is follow the rules!

    All Drivers must first sign up before you are allowed to be on the track, this is strictly enforced

    It takes 5 people to make a class - must be a class we race.

    No Drugs or Alcohol allowed on the property.

    This is a non-smoking facility.





    All batteries must be hard case.


     General Rules -

    Penalties will be issued for not being on the track to Marshall. There are numbered tubs on the track. you are required to place your car and radio in the tub and marshal by that spot. They are number 1, 2, 3 etc. if you start in position number 3 then you are required to be marshalling in tub 3 area. There are no warnings - if you are not in tub 3 area at the start of the next race your best quallifing time will be disqualified for the day. If you are unable to marshal, you are responsible to have some marshal in your designated area.

    All oval Cars are rolling starts. Electric Mains are also rolling starts.

    No car will be driven at any time in reverse of the track traffic. If this occurs, a one-lap penalty will be deducted off the driver’s best time. The use of reverse is illegal in all classes.

    Turn marshals may not work on or repair cars.

    It is the Drivers responsibility to bring the vehicle to the Tech table immediately following your turn marshal duties. Failure to do so will result disqualification.  

    Any violation must be corrected BEFORE the car is raced. If a car passes through "Tech Inspection" and a technical illegality is over-looked, the vehicle is still illegal.  

    Any racer may front $50 for tech inspection for any car on the track - if the car is found to be legal the $50 will be forfeited and given to the legal racer.

    Vehicle Rules - Batteries: Only sub-C size Nimh or 2 cell lipo's.

    No Nitro for practice or racing

    Tires: All tires must be factory available. All off-road cars are required to run a factory available tire that is specific to that scale car. i.e. No truck tires mounted on 1/8 scale rims. Oval cars may run foam or rubber, but must be a factory available tire.

    Chassis: The underside of the vehicle may not have any sharp edges exposed; all screws not already recessed must be of button type. Cars must have a front bumper that is made of a shock absorbing material e.g. nylon, delrin, plastic, kydex etc. Front bumpers must be mounted in such a way that they will contact an object prior to any other portion of the car in a front impact. Brakes: All cars must have a braking system capable of slowing the vehicle to a complete stop


    Oval Vehicle Rules

    Tire Rule and Tech Procedure

    We are a paragon free facility. Paragon or tire additives with wintergreen oil will not be allowed. Previous paragon odors can be removed with HOT water and dish detergent. You may have to do this a few times. Tires will not be allowed to smell of any type of mint. All tires must be wiped completely clean with a cotton rag and go through tech, even prior to practice. If a car goes onto the race track without passing through tech that car will not race on that particular day, regardless of when this occurs, including practice. If your tires are not wiped dry to my standards, I will wipe your tires clean with a rag prior to being placed on the race track.

    1. All tires must be dry.
       2. All tires must be completely free of any mint odor.

    Please See rules section on dirtoval.com - located here

    General Rules
    All races will be 4 minutes in length, qualifiers will use Ifmar starts. Turn marshals may not work on or repair cars. Any cars damaged and placed in the infield will remain there until that race is over. All drivers must turn marshal the race immediately following their race. All cars will be made available for tech inspection before and after race. Once a car has gone through tech before the race it must go directly to the track and not to pit area. Tires may be Foam tires or rubber tires may be used but must be readily available for purchase (no prototype tires) Tire additives that are used must be wiped clean from the tires before any races or practice sessions. No Grease, No Silicone or Silicone impregnated tires.

    Sportsman and 17.5 classes By entering and racing in this class you agree to the following. The engine, motor, esc and battery in the car is the responsibility of the person driving the car. If you buy your engine, motor, esc and battery from someone or borrow a car or motor from someone  and it is illegal you will be disqualified and subject to the items listed below. You agree to allow tech personnel to remove and disassemble your motor at any time and agree that bumps and jumps is not responsible for any damage that occurs even if caused carelessness. You agree that upon request you will immediately take the engine, motor, esc and battery out of the car and completely tear it down to the bare block with bearings. You will do this directly in the presence of tech supervision. You also agree that if you refuse you will be assumed to be cheating and subject to the below consequence. You further agree that ANY engine, motor, esc and battery modification  will be considered deliberate and you will suffer a lifetime ban of running any limited or 17.5 class in the future, in other words you would have to go run the open class, where you are allowed to grind a crank or rod or add ceramic bearings.

    If an item is not addressed in the rules listed here than you should assume it is not legal.

Class Rules

Sportsman Latemodel and Sprint Rules

The intent of this class is to reduce the costs of racing by reducing the need for a speed tuned motor, expensive battery or a variety of tire options. This class will only be available for the racer who wants to put fun back into their racing – want to show up and have a good time without worrying about the motor dyno? Then this is the class for you.

Drivers who ARE NOT eligible for this class include anyone who is currently listed on the expert list at the bottom of the page any as well as drivers who receive factory sponsorship or racers who have a known ability that exceeds the intentions of this class. Rules were changed to allow rubber tire in the 17.5 classes to protect this class. If you read the above paragraph and are not clear if you are allowed to run this class please contact me and I will clarify it for you. If you won a bunch of races last year your probably not allowed to race this division. This is to protect the growth of the hobby. I made some errors last year with this class and believe it drove a few people away.

Body & Chassis

DODC body and chassis rules - weights are 2 oz heavier than foam tire cars as this is the additional weight of the sticker tires - so rrubber tire weights are Rubber Tires: LM 55.0oz, Sprint 57.0oz


SPEED PASSION Reventon Stock Club Race part number:SP000048  Speed PASSION 17.5 motor with fixed end bell at 10 degrees - no alterations from how the system came out of the box


RC King 5200 30C
LiPo Onyx 2S 7.4V 4000mAh 25C Hard Case Deans
LiPo Onyx 2S 7.4V 5000mAh 25C Hard Case Deans
Dynamite 5302d Speedpack Gold 4200mAh 30C
DODC spec pack


The Custom Work Sticker tires in hard compound with orange inserts are the only tires allowed in this class. All tires must have a tread depth at least the height of a #11 razor blade at the lowest point.(No Slicks)

17.5 Spec Sprint and Late Model

Body & Chassis

DODC body and chassis rules


Intermixing of manufacturer parts will not be allowed. No parts of motors may be modified, altered or removed in any way. All stock hardware must be used, I.E. no aluminum or titanium screws/bolts. The minimum resistance allowed is 21.1 milli-Ohm’s at 75*F. It is not legal to unwind, rewind, unsolder, resolder, re-epoxy, add epoxy or any other coating or material to any part of the stator. If the solder tabs are found to be tampered with you will be immediately disqualified.
All motors are subject to disassembly at any given time during an event at the race directors discretion.
 • Novak High RPM (#NOV3627) and Vulcan Spec (#NOV3647) 17.5 motors. Any parts standard to each design/make must be used respectively. Ceramic bearings may be used but must be the same dimensions. All Novak motors must use the 12.5mm (NOV5955) or 12.3mm (NOV5941) rotor.
SchuurSpeed 17.5 Extreme Stock (#SUU540174) Black can & End bell only. Signature SELECT series will not be legal. Ceramic bearings may be used but must be the same dimensions. The SchuurSpeed motor must use the 12.5mm x 24.2mm rotor that comes standard in the SchuurSpeed motor (#SUU501126) Removal of stator from outer can will result in immediate disqualification. or SPEC 17.5-Schuur Speed-Extreme Short Stack 1S SPEC V3-PN:SUU540174
Speed Controls - Boosters or anything that adds timing /voltage will not be allowed. Only the capacitor (or same size) that comes with the speed controller may be used.
Novak Edge or Novak Havoc
SPEED PASSION Reventon Stock Club Race part number:SP000048 with adjustable endbell
• Hobbywing -XR-10 Justock & Justock Club Spec (#HWA30112000 & #HWA8102000)
DODC SPEC 3200 28C
RC King 5200 30C 
LiPo Onyx 2S 7.4V 4000mAh 25C Hard Case Deans 
LiPo Onyx 2S 7.4V 5000mAh 25C Hard Case Deans


Johns BSR Racing Tire – spec dirt oval foam tire with the purple band through the center of it, or the Custom Work Sticker tires in hard compound with orange inserts are the only tires allowed in this class.  Rubber Tires: LM 55.0oz, Sprint 57.0oz


10.5 Sprint

Body & Chassis

DODC body and chassis rules


any non adjustable esc or esc in blinky mode
Info regarding speed controls - The esc rule is blinky like last year, however If one esc is caught to be illegal running the wrong software or adding timing this rule will change mid season to be spec non adjustable esc only. So one person can ruin it for the  many.
ROAR 10.5 spec MOTORS only - not any roar motor
SPEC 10.5 Rotors only - NO MOD ROTORS - this means a max of 12.5
Novak's Vulcan 10.5 with the blue stator will be allowed. Any parts standard to any of the listed motors can be used including, ceramic bearings and vented endbells.
Due to ROAR not acknowledging the 10.5T motor as a spec motor anymore we were forced to find an alternative means of maintaining our current form of racing. It was found that Europe/EFRA still utilizes the "spec" 10,5T motor in competition and they have a comprehensive listing of spec motors legal for spec racing so we have opted to make a list of motors from both the ROAR "spec" list and the EFRA 'spec" list. You can also access ROAR's site to see the (Modified/10.5 Spec) motor listing. The EFRA site also has a listing that is much easier to follow. We are going to list the major US mfgs that are on the list but the list is much more comprehensive to cover European mgs/dist as well. .

Dynamite DYNP1010 Dynamite Platinum
Fantom FR1 FR-1-FAN19500 OEMw/ FAN19591 (12.5mm) SPEC rotor. Can also use FAN19590 (12.3mm) SPEC rotor. 
Hobbywing 30401020046 Xerun V10
LRP 50830 X11 Vector
LRP 50832 X12 Vector
LRP 50834 X20 Vector
Murfdogg S-105-14 
Novak 3410 SS Pro
Novak 3610 Ballistic
Novak 3640 Vulcan 10.5 with the blue stator only - not outlaw
ORCA OMR105X3 RX Series
Reds Racing MTTE0005 VX Series
Reedy 943 Sonic
Reedy 234 Sonic Mach 2
Savox SAV-BHL3650991740 SX.1
Speed Passion SP138105V3 3.0 Series
Speed Passion SP000037 MMM Version
Team Epic REV1050 Revtech
Team Epic TEP1050 D3
Team Epic REV1600 Revtech Killshot (std version)
Team Orion ORI28233 Vortex VST Pro Stock
Team Orion ORI28250 Vortex VST2 Pro Stock
Team Orion ORI28293 Vortex VST2 LW Pro Stock
Tekin TT2253 Redline (etched can)
Tekin TT2399 Redline Gen2 Spec
Thunder Power TPM-540A105 Z3R-S
Trinity TEP1700 D4
10.5 Spec Motor Trinity Revtech 24K, 1800 - must use 12.5 rotor
Turnigy Trackstar 9192000036

Viper 8VST 105001 VST
Any parts standard to any of the listed motors can be used including, ceramic bearings and vented endbells.

17.5 Stock EDM

Body & Chassis

DODC body and chassis rules


DODC Stock rules: Any Motor and ESC from the ROAR Approved Stock/17.5 Spec category and any ROAR approved 7.4 Volt 2 cell Lipo battery are legal. Batteries must use a quick release hobby grade connector for connection to the ESC. No additional batteries are allowed including those used to power receivers or cooling fans.

Info regarding speed controls - The esc rule is blinky like last year, however If one esc is caught to be illegal running the wrong software or adding timing this rule will change mid season to be spec non adjustable esc only. So one person can ruin it for the many.

  •       Mod Sprint
    Body, Chassis, Electronics

    DODC rules


    SLASH SC  - rookie slash same rules but in training mode -


    The mudbus body is also be legal  - it must be in its stock configuration and unmodified.



    There is no gearing rule. However, the Traxxas spur gears (#4683, #4686, & #4690) must be used. NOTE: The 76tooth spur has been removed from the list due to required dremel work on the vehicle to make it work.

    Must use stock Traxxas Slash 2wd chassis and components, unmodified, unless otherwise specified. No modifying, replacing, or removing any components unless otherwise specified.

     All suspension components must be installed in the proper position and orientation on the car from the factory

    (EXAMPLE: Left caster block on the left; right block on the right, front shocks on front, rear shocks on rear, suspension arms right side up, etc)

    Locking or modifying the differential in any way will not be allowed. The differential must have normal diff action, and cannot turn the motor over when rotating one rear tire against the normal compression (resistance) of the motor. No ball diff’s.


    Any additional weight must be added within the main chassis plate area. Adding weight to nerf bars, bumpers, headers, suspension arms, or any component not within the main chassis area will not be allowed.

    The ESC, transponder, and receiver can be mounted anywhere in the main chassis plate area only.

    Minimum Ride Height: .750" (including body)

    Minimum Weight: 94OZ (5LBS 14OZ)


    Only stock white Traxxas Springs may be used, and may not be cut or altered from factory in any way.

    The hard anodized teflon coated shocks and aluminum shock caps (any color) are allowed.

     Different weight shock oil may be used as well as internal shock limiters to adjust ride height and droop. NO limiting upward travel.

    2-stage pistons or any modification to the shock to tune the compression and rebound separately will not be allowed.

    Legal Tuning Parts

    Any color Traxxas Slash aluminum steering bell cranks (#3743), caster blocks (#3632), steering blocks (#3636), camber links, and rear axle carriers (#3652) are allowed.

    RPM rear carriers (#80382), front steering blocks (#80372), caster blocks (#80712), front (#80952, #80953, #80955) & rear (#81002, #81003, #81005) bumpers, and suspension arms rear(#80592, #80594, #80595) & front(#80242, #80244, #80245) will be allowed.

    The "hoop" and "ears" on the front bumper may be cut off, however, the main area of the bumper must remain intact.

    Transmitter/Receiver and servo may be replaced. (Servo saver will also not be a tech item)

    The hard anodized teflon coated shocks and aluminum shock caps (any color) are allowed.

    Different weight shock oil may be used as well as internal shock limiters to adjust ride height and droop.

    2-stage pistons or any modification to the shock to tune the compression and rebound separately will not be allowed.


    servo may be replaced. (Servo saver will also not be a tech item)


    Must use the stock XL-5 ESC & unaltered Titan 12t 550 brushed motor. Tuning, tweaking, or modifying the motor in any way will not be allowed. The outer metal sleeve is considered part of the motor and must be installed as is from the factory. The stock (bullet) connectors on the motor must also be used. Soldering the connectors together is not allowed.


    Can run any hard case 2-cell Li-Po or Traxxas brand 7-cell Ni-MH stick pack battery.

    Battery must be mounted in the stock center tray location, but can be moved forward or back as long as it stays within the stock boundaries of the battery tray.

    Changing the battery plug on the ESC to fit your battery is allowed. However, direct soldering the battery wires is not.


    Any 2.2/3.0 short course wheel that fits the Traxxas 12mm hex will be allowed. Each wheel must have two vent holes no larger than .350”. Additional lightening of the wheel will not be allowed. Must use same offset wheel on each side.

    Stock Traxxas Slash tires and compounds only. Choice of: Slash Spec, Kumho Venture, and BF Goodrich treads.

    S1 compound tires for any of the treads will not be allowed.

    Grinding, cutting, or altering the inside of the tire in any way will not be allowed. No extra grooving, splicing, or siping of the outside tread of the tire. Gluing or taping the outside of the tire to help prevent traction rolling will be allowed.

    Tires cannot be ground down to slicks. Tires must have a minimum tread depth of .065" for all three tread styles.

    Must use the stock foam insert provided with tire. Altering the insert will not be permitted. One foam insert per tire only.

    No tire traction additives, Only a soft cleaner can be used for the sole purpose of cleaning the tire (ie..Simple Green).  All tires must have a durometer no lower than 5 points below the original hardness. Tires will be checked with the track’s durometer and compared with a new tire which will be kept at tech. If the above rule is followed, there is no reason that a tire would change from its original firmness.




    The following drivers are not eligible to enter the Sportsman classes.

    Drivers have been placed on this list based on results earned at the US Open Wheel Championship from 2005 thru 2011 and Freeze thru 2015.

    in addition the following drivers are also included.

    * Full Factory Sponsorship or affiliation
    * Any Racer who does not belong in Sportsman classes due to known ability
    * Race Directors discretion

    So in other words, even if you are not listed, you may still qualify to be on this list. Race entries will be monitored and any driver who enters the Sportsman classes that we feel should not be running them will be notified and you will be expected to move to 17.5.

    Aaron Crumpler Brock Garis Dwayne Wentzel Jeff Greenly Kevin Scheibe Mike Myers Tommy Burgess
    Alan Duffy Brock Hefner Eric Salvas Jeff Zartman Kirt Coonradt Mike Ottinger Tony Stewart
    Allan Webster Bryan Boyd Eugene Ryder Jeremy Cady Kody Scheibe  Mike Silvernail Tommy Smith
    Andy Phelps Bryan Zimmer Frank Deiny Jerry Kelleher Kyle Inman Mike Willard Tyler Price
    Anthony Danta Chris Fair Frank Rio Jesse Murphy Kyle Majikas Nick Deangelis Tyler Reimer
    Arnie Fie Chris Intelisano Gary Warren Jim Beachley Laudan Seigfried Noah Swank Tyler Russell
    Bill Impson CJ Funk George Verbonitz Jim Fries Lee Jones Patrick Owen Walter Stuber
    Bill Osborn Corey Heft Gerald Markle  Jim Mckeon Les Hartzell Phil Cooper Wayne Groover
    Bill Rockenstyre Cory Podolski Gerry Hoagland Jim Pohlman Lloyd Tiger Phil Marabella  
    Billy Fischer Curt Sieber Gery Kelleher Jody Utt Logan Shetter Richard Peters  
    Billy Kimpton Dale Hartzel Greer Wilkie Joe Fisher Lou Cicconi Rob Cutman  
    Billy Tyree Dan Brown Harold Ruckle John Bath Mark Blake Rob Hillman  
    Bob Mott Dan Danoski Hays Reeling John Hauenstin Mark Corns Rob Kerstetter  
    Bob Rhodes Dan Gill Jack Dearhart Jonathan Adkins Mark Faron Rodney Ice  
    Brad Mohler Dan Harding Jake Eby Jorge Moreira Mark Stetler Ron Williams  
    Brad Slusser Dange Hanniford Jake Flurer Josh Cyrul Matt Groover Russ Lebo  
    Bradley Duff Dave Bartels Jamie Reed Josh Kreamer Matt Murphy Ryan Davenport  
    Bradly Weaver Dave Johns  Jason Burns Josh Maggio Matt Olmstead Scott Schramske  
    Brent Densford Dave Peek Jason Seaton Justin Haynes Matt Steffenhagen Scott Smith  
    Brent Harms  Dave Roberts Jason Smith Kasey Hess Max Flurer Sebastian Walker  
    Brian Bowie David Bartels Jason White  Keith Fletcher  Michael Barbare Shannon Pitcher  
    Brian Breckenridge David Johns Jay Krout Keith Steinle Michael Morton Steve Brokenshire  
    Brian Burkhart Dennis Ruth Jeff Belton Ken Miller Michael Winn Steve Salvas  
    Brian Burkhart (berkie) Duane Wentzel Jeff Cisney Kenny Fischer Mike Barbaree Steve Tyson  
    Brian Hallenbeck Dustin Malicoat Jeff Cuffs Kerry Bolinger Mike Denny Terry Schmidt  
    Brian Reigle Dwayne Radabaugh Dylan Cecce Kevin Bower Mike Faron Tim Mcnutt  
      Brian Zeigler   Kevin Griffie Mike Gindlespergar Todd Putnam  
          Kevin Ridley Kip Ellerbush  Tom Coker  
          Jeff Hotaling   Tom Neave  



    Offroad Vehicle Rules  

    No Slicks
    All 1/10 scale vehicles will run a minimum tire height of the back side of a #11 blade

    Sportsman Rules - any 1/10 vehicle - no 1/8 scale

    NOTE: If the driver equals 75% of the leaders pace of any class they are running they will be moved up.
    For example if the tq in mod sct is 10 laps and John goes 8 laps he would be moved out of sportsman and into mod sct.

      MOD Short Course Rules - roar rules

    Mod Buggy and 17.5 Buggy - roar rules drivers who receive any type of factory sponsorship or racers who have a known ability that exceeds the intentions of this class are not allowed to enter this class