What is Bumps and Jumps RC Buyers Club?

This is a place for you the racer. This site is not open to the general public you must be a member to purchase items. To become a member you simply need to sign up. By signing up you agree to have a $1 fee assessed to your first order for a lifetime membership.  

Why is Logging-In is Required to get our Best Prices?

Our best price for some items is lower than the price we are permitted by the manufacturer or distributer to publicly advertise. By requiring a password to log-in, the connection to our website is now private and no longer public. This allows our shopping cart to provide logged-in users our Maximum Best Discount Price on-line for all items we offer.

These prices are only available on-line and local pick ups are not allowed, all packages must be shipped. We will attempt to ship every Mon, Wed, and Fri. and we ship USPS priority unless we are notified in advance.  

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