Bumps and Jumps RC Speedway


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As many of you know my other business has taken so much of my time. With my inability to be at Bumps full time I have decided to end that chapter of my life. I want to first thank each and every person that frequented the track or purchased products, your choices allowed the track to operate for all these years. This has been an extremely difficult decision because of the friends I have made along this journey. I have put so much of my life into this hobby and will forever miss it. Effective immediately, bumps will no longer be open under my ownership. I want to thank the invaluable people that helped make bumps successful for so many years. Marc SchmiedelBrian Bowie, Logan Shetter, Justin MonnBrett Trout (RIP), Linda Bingham TroutDave TroutKevin GriffieLindsey MckinneyTim MullenhourBrian Reigle, and of course my enduring wife, Jacquie McKinney, I will always be here for anything any of you need in life. I will never forget Jeffrey Parsons and Dale Hauze Jr. for helping me get going in the early days. I would like to thank Rob Cutman for so many years of support, even if it was just a conversation about what decision I should make. Thank you to all the sponsors over the years. I have some regrets in this business, not being present for much of my daugters life hurts now that I'm older, and not being able to support Dustin Malicoat like he has supported me over the years both come to mind. With that said I would love to see it stay an RC facility. I am putting this out there publicly, the building and business is for sale or lease. I want more than anything to see the business continue and as such have made extremely reasonable lease terms at $3,000 per month, plus $25,000 for a turn key business which includes everything, inventory, timing system, computers, tv's, etc. These are non-negotiable as they are much less than market value. However if you are looking for a part time business this isn't it, if you have to finance money to purchase the business and cover the lease, or your credit rating is poor, this also isn't for you. I am picky about who takes over this business as I would like to see it continue and don't want to be in the same situation a year from now, so please if you don't meet the above criteria don't contact me. This however isn't an open ended offer, it expires at the end of July. At which time, if nothing is negotiated. I will liquidate the contents and place the building with a broker for $475,000. Once again thank you all for your support over the years. 
Sincerely, Chris