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  Race Season news

Change isn't something I was planning on this season, however it's apparent that some things need to change and after a long hard process or reaching out to racers that frequent bumps I have made some tweaks. These changes are in no way directed toward anyone one and I know some of you will find them difficult, and for that I am sorry and hope you continue to race and enjoy yourself at bumps, if not I understand, its hard to make everyone happy. The rules are updated and all changes are listed in red under the rules section - the link to the left. Also take a look at the calendar link as we changed some things from typical previous years, the freeze is now the week after motorama, and we no have only 8 points days with no drops.

In years past we would race anything that showed up, I think that this was a mistake - more people in each class promotes excitement and makes people want to race. Having a race with only 4 cars makes the day longer, limits turn marshals and makes it difficult for people not racing in that given class. The following are the only classes we will run this season. I doubt each of these classes will race every week, for example we may not have any novice or rookie slash racers every week. I am sorry if the list leaves you excluded.



Mod Buggy Sportsman Latemodel
MOD Short Course Sportsman Sprint
Stock Buggy 17.5 Sprint
4wd Buggy 17.5 Late Model
Stadium Truck 10.5 Sprint
4x4 Short Course 17.5 Stock EDM
Sportsman - Novice STOCK SLASH MDM
  13.5 MUDBOSS
  Rookie SLASH
  Mod Sprint


Off-road - we are allowing slicks and will no longer police tread depth. My hope is this allows people to bounce back and forth from various tracks that also allow slicks - please see the rules section for in depth rules. The rules are updated and all changes are listed in red under the rules section.


The class changes are listed in the rules section. We have added the hobby wing in sportsman classes. The 17.5 sprint has changed to stock on open foam tires, the 17.5 late model class is now spec on foam only tires. A 13.5 mubboss class has now been added. The electronics in all classes must now be approved by October 1st.


So You want to Race?                      What are you waiting for?              Get off the couch!

$299.99 gets you an off-road 2.4 GHz Traxxas Slash with Modified body, ac balance charger and a lipo battery, a competitive race ready package.


This is a spec class - so nothing else you can buy is legal - a cheap way to go racing and have a blast!




Oval Days we will only race 2 rounds.

Off-road Race days we race 3 rounds unless we have 13 heats which we will run 2 heats with 2 car bump ups 

Sign up in the shop before practicing


always check the calendar to find detailed track and shop hours


Summer Hours
Shop Hours           
Track Hours
4:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Off-Road Practice 4-8:45pm
4:00 pm 9:00 pm
Off-Road Practice 4-8:45pm
4:00 pm 9:00 pm
Off-Road Practice 4-8:45pm
Please see the calendar as the above is only a guideline
  Click here for our calendar
On Site Kitchen with a great Menu. We provide pit tables and chairs. We use MyLaps4 and charge $3 extra to use a rental transponder. Winter Race fees are $20 for the first class and $10 for each additional class. Weekday practice is $10 for the night.